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Here are some commonly asked questions for pool and spa maintenance and our top tips! 

Ever wondered why pools have a strong chlorine smell?

Did you know, It's not actually the chlorine itself, but a sign that the chlorine is working to keep the water clean! When chlorine reacts with sweat, oils, and other impurities, it forms chloramines, which produce that distinctive scent.

Regular pool maintenance and proper ventilation help keep the chlorine working its magic while keeping the "pool smell" at bay.

How often should I have my pool or spa water tested?

You should have your pool or spa water tested every 4 weeks in the warmer months and every 8-12 weeks in the cooler months.

What is the water testing process?

The simple test is usually completed on the spot within a couple of minutes. The test requires a small sample (approx. 100ml) of your water which is the run through our specialised water testing machines. The machine will the provide an analysis of your water.

Will the water testing results be explained to me?

Yes, of course! Our friendly team will explain the results to you and give you the best advice on what to add or change in your water to ensure it remains safe to swim in and stays crystal clear.  

What pH should my pool or spa water be?

It is recommended to maintain a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6.

How can I fix my green pool?

If your pool is no longer responding to your regular pool maintenance chemicals, it could either need an increase of certain chemicals or you could have issues with your pool equipment. It is best to contact us as soon as your pool is starting to go green. We can then walk you through the best options or arrange one of our pool technicians to come and complete an inspection.

*Hot tip - If we have consecutive hot weather (38 Degree's and over), your pool may need a chemical shock*

My pool appears to be losing water, what should I do?

If your pools water levels appear to be dropping faster than normal, you may have equipment that has failed, or your pool is leaking. It is best to arrange a professional to inspect your equipment and check for leaks as soon as possible. This will prevent higher water bills or damage caused by water leaks. 

*Hot tip – pools heated by solar could also be leaking through the solar*

I am going away on holiday’s, how can I keep my pool looking good for when I get back?

Keeping your pool in a good condition while on holiday’s can be difficult. Where possible you should invest in a cover for your pool, ensure you have topped up your water levels and you have added your usual chemicals prior to going away. Managing the quality of your pool water while you are away can be difficult, so it is best to arrange a professional to complete a regular pool or spa service while you are away.

What is the easiest way to keep your pool or spa clean?

Leaves and garden debris are one of the biggest influences on keeping your pool or spa clean. Avoid planting trees and plants around pool areas – this will minimise the number of leaves likely to enter your pool water. You can also arrange pool maintenance companies to complete regular and cost effective pool cleans for you.

*Hot tip - you should spend roughly an hour a month or 5 minutes a day maintaining and looking after your pool*

How long should my pool equipment last?

You should make use of the relevant weather modes for your equipment. In winter, make sure your equipment is set to winter mode and is then boosted up in summer. If the equipment is maintained you should get 5 - 10 years life out of your equipment. If your equipment is running in summer mode all year round, this significantly reduces the lifespan to approx. 3 years. 

*Hot tip -  pools equipment hates cold water*

My pool pump has lost suction, what should I do?

Check your pump and skimmer basket, if these are empty and you are still experiencing suction issues, you may have a blocked impeller or a blocked suction line due to leave or other foreign objects. Contact us to arrange an inspection.

My pool what has gone cloudy, how can I fix this?

If your pool has gone cloudy, it is generally because your chlorine levels are low. It is recommended to run your pool pump for 24 hours. If there is still no improvement, it may need a chemical shock and salt cell reviewed.  

What is a chlorine chemical shock?

A chlorine shock is a specific chemical that is added to pool or spa water when either cloudy or green. The chemical added is specifically designed to kill bacteria in pool and spa water. 

My pool is cloudy after I have shocked it?

Cloudy water can occur after you have shocked it if you have either not added the correct amount of chlorine or you have added a cheaper brand of chlorine. Cheaper brands often have no clarifier agent and contain a higher amount of chalk and additives. Cheaper chlorine will often take longer to clear the pool and spa water, and will leave a white residue on the pool or spa floor.

How long should I wait before swimming in my pool after I have added chlorine or chemicals?

If you have added a chlorine shock to a cloudy or clear pool/spa, you can usually swim within an hour if the pool pump has been running. However if the pool was green, and you have added a higher does, it is recommended you get a full water test from a pool shop before you swim.   

Will pets swimming in my pool effect my pool equipment and water quality?

Yes – for example, dogs swimming in pools can raise the pH of the water level, reduce sanitiser levers, clog your filter, and damage your pool liner. Animals in pools can also increase bacteria within in your pool water.

What should I do to maintain my pool during the winter months?

You can follow this easy guide for maintaing your pool during the winter months. 

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